Barilla’s recognition

The President of the Uruguayan company Altama SA , Manuel Rodríguez Marghieri, received the recognition of Barilla, for his outstanding business performance and career as the first importer and distributor of its products in Latin America.

Barilla is present on the local market for almost 30 years together with Altama, an Uruguayan leading company in the import and distribution of products of top quality,
created in 1961. With the improvement of the purchasing power of the Uruguayans it has increased the revenue of imported products and the strong evolution in the habits of consumption of pasta.

Besides the high levels of satisfaction and recognition of the consumers towards the Italian brand, the Uruguayan company thinks that there is a potential market in growth. ” During the last five years we have grown to an average pace per year of 15 % and to future the perspectives are encouraging in view of this recognition of the quality of the pasta, which implies the consumption ‘ to the Italian ‘, it means, minor quantity of sauce to highlight the flavor of the pasta ‘al dente ‘, being more versatile of major variety and performance “.

Currently there is a greater recognition of the quality of the pasta of durum wheat in the dry pasta market”, said Manuel Rodríguez, President of Altama…

While the total market for dry pasta is 12,000 tonnes a year, “consumption is still very low, being approximately 5% sales of Barilla products line,” added the businessman.

Barilla is a group of food headquartered in Parma (Italy), founded in 1877, world leader in the production and distribution of pastas, sauces and food products.