Barilla in Uruguay

Hand to and with Altama SA, distributor of Barilla in Uruguay, came to our country the renowned Italian Chef Michele Tomadin, to perform activities in the campaign that carries forward the brand on consumption of Italian pasta, i.e. of durum wheat pasta.

Tuesday, December 5th, Tomadin, issued a cooking course at the premises of Mechi – Cocina con amor, which was directed to the sales team of Barilla Uruguay. The chef showed how to prepare pasta with pesto or tomato sauce and basil, two of ready-made sauces that make up the portfolio of Barilla products. He also explained that these sauces can be added to other ingredients if desired, and as en example used aubergines.

The chef said that the secret of a good pasta is pasta itself, and that it is therefore necessary to buy a good quality. Second, he explained that it is not necessary to
add oil to the water, because if the pasta is good, it doesn’t stick. Finally he said that the Gold formula for cooking is that for each litre of water you must
add 100 gr of pasta and seven gr of salt. On the other hand added that it is a myth that pasta fattening, whenever you use the fair amount per person (80 or 90 grams) and add the sauce on the ideal measurement. He said that to be carbohydrates, and therefore energy, it is recommended to eat more at lunch than at dinner.

 The Golden formula for cooking is that for every liter of water adds 100 gr. of pasta and 7 gr. of salt – Chef Michele Tomadin.

Secrets of pasta

During the event the Chef expert in Italian cuisine Michele Tomadin, in addition to preparing two excellent recipes of pasta dishes, spoke with us and let us important tips and workshops on the preparation of pasta.

The chef Michele Tomadin, with his Spanish Italianized and charm, explained to us step by step two recipes in Mechi’s kitchen.
He also gave us a very curious tip: to make pesto, added a few ice cubes in the blender, to prevent the preparation is hot, bitter and lose its bright color.

Michele Tomadin has traveled by India, China, Taiwan, Europe and Latin America, sharing their knowledge and teaching cooking pasta dishes Barilla and its variety of sauces.
His favorite dish is the carbonara and although he loves to cook all, but pasta is his favorite, always with Barilla durum wheat or handmade when he has time.
His motivation and determination have led him to overcome several challenges to become today the executive chef responsible for the promotion and preparation of pasta Barilla.


  • Never add oil to the water when you boil to cook the pasta.
    A good pasta never stick.
  • Use just the right amount of salt. Golden formula: 7 gr. of salt per 100 gr. of pasta in 1 L of water.
  • The secret of good pasta is the quality. There is no need to economize on this, so this is why I recommend the best Barilla pasta and sauces.

Chef Michele Tomadin